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Presently, JSC GIDROPRIVOD specializes in manufacturing and repair of products for general machinery. Principal product is hydraulic pumps, among which are the following ones:
•  Radial-piston pumps 2 of fixed displacement ranging from 632 l/min to 1 110 l/min, output pressure being 32 MPa. They are utilized in hydraulic systems of draglines, turbines of nuclear power stations, punch presses and other powerfull hydraulically opereted machines.
•  Radial-piston pumps 50 and Segmental pumps 50HC of fixed displacement ranging from 5.5 l/min to 423 l/min, output pressure being 50 MPa. They are utilized in hydraulic presses, thermoplastics extruders, nuclear power stations.
•  Radial-piston pumps 50 P of variable displacement ranging from 159 l/min to 423 l/min, output pressure being 50 MPa. They are utilized in hydraulic presses, wood-processing machinery and in metallurgic facilities.
•  Axial-piston pumps ..74 of variable displacement ranging from 57 l/min to 200 l/min, output pressure being 50 MPa. They are utilized in rolling mills, thermoplastics extruders, hydraulic presses, metallurgic facilities.

The plant manufactures dampers for railway cars besides:
•  Damper 67 is utilized to limit the amplitude of oscillations generated in suspensions of RIZ-type railway cars' trucks.
•  Damper 1100, being a component of springing suspension of railway cars, is for limiting of amplitude of oscillations of car trucks and bodies. It is utilized in passanger, mail, luggage and dining cars, as well as in cars of electric- and diesel trains, electric- and diesel locomotives.
•  Hydraulic multi-valve. Are used in hydraulic systems of mobile cranes, lifters, harvesters and in some other hydraulically driven multifunctional machines.
•  Hydraulic statitons that execute operating cycles in hydraulically driven machines can be produced by individual technical requirements of our clients

Advanced technical level and complexness of the output products are the mainest factors that stimulate improvement of the technology and process of production . Hot and cold pressing are applied in blank parts production. Automated, semi-automated and CNC machines, processing centers and precision machines for finishing operations, as well as other modern metal processing, specialized and versitile facilities are utilized during the process of machining. Superhard tools are used for cutting metals.

Electric-physical processing of parts is applied in production of tools.

The plant possesses special test benches to monitor all parameters of hydraulic drives according to technical requirements.

The activity of the plant is aimed at being a highly reputed internal and global market supplier of quality products by competing prices. To achieve this goal, the plant carries out research and testing activities and implements novel developments. The activity is also aimed at the improvement of the production quality and of working conditions for every member of its stuff, starting from a worker to administration. These days, the implementation of international Standards ISO 9001 is being pending.

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