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The Plant Gidroprivod began operating in October 1935 and at first produced industrial items such as taps, billets, drills, crown bits. During next years together with cutting tools the plant put into production hydraulic equipment for cutting equipment and was renamed in Machine and Tool-Making Plant.

Then the Plant began developing production of radial-piston pumps and other types of hydraulic equipment. In 1939 the plant was renamed in Gidroprivod, and for many years it remained the only specialized enterprise in the USSR on hydraulic equipment production.

During the II World War the Plant developed the production of gear pumps to the tank diesel engines.

In the 50s the Plant manufactured near 130 new types of hydraulic equipment. The Plant became the main enterprise of the whole hydraulic branch. At that time new specialized enterprises were created, and Kharkov plant Gidroprivod gave its knowledge and experience to them.

In 1960 a new edifice for radial-piston pump production was built. The building was well-found, that helped to increase the output of radial-piston pumps.

As scientific and technological advance growth rate increased, new production types and the necessity of their provision with hydraulic equipment appeared, the Plant was set a task to begin manufacturing of pumps with higher pressure and reduced steel intensity. This problem was solved by mean of plant modernization with technical re-equipment of production, which was finished in 1979.

At that period the plant specialists with the help of experts of Kharkiv Institute VNIIGIDROPRIVOD" developed a group of axial-piston pumps with pressure of 320kg/cm, and radial-piston pumps with pressure of 500kg/cm.

In the 90s due to general machinery production decline and loss of communications with enterprises of the former USSR the hydraulic equipment demand reduced. To retain production volume, provide sales of ready products at enterprises of Ukraine, the plant began production of new items:

− Vacuum pump -1;
− Hydraulic damper for railway carriages.

On 27 of July 1993 on the basis of plant the Joint-Stock Company Gidroprivod was created Shareholders are 100% of physical entities.

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